Mercedes Benz S55 AMG S/C (2003-2006, W220)

Technical Notes

For the awesome supercharged V8 our Stage 1 engine management upgrade gives improved top end power allowing the engine to rev much harder above 5500 Rpm, this also leads to sportier up shifts through the gears, especially from 2nd to 3rd gear. Part of this conversion includes the optional raising of the speed limiter either to 186 mph (300 km/h) or removed completely giving the car genuine 200 mph+ capability. BHP and torque are increased over standard by around +40BHP and +45 lb/ft.

The 55 supercharged engines are superbly engineered and mechanically capable of producing far higher power outputs than offered by Mercedes.

DMS offer a Stage 2 option which includes the above engine management upgrade but combined with drive changes to the Supercharger. These changes allow the use of a further 0.2 bar of boost. This increase is well within operating criteria of the unit. The resultant changes increase BHP and torque over standard by +90BHP and +95 lb/ft.

With 600 BHP this conversion places the 55K in a very exclusive class.

Suspension modifications can be carried out to these models and others such as the SL500 which are fitted with ABC (Active Body Control). By electronically re-calibrating the computer that controls this, a new setting is available with lower and firmer suspension. This gives the car the performance orientated handling it deserves, with the obvious aesthetic benefits of the lower ride height. Note: Special programming is also available for cars fitted with 20 inch wheels.

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