Porsche 996 GT2 Mk1 (1997-2005, 996)

Technical Notes

Our power upgrades for the 996 turbo and GT2 (including 2004 model GT2) have received rave reviews from the motoring press and customers alike. We have carried out hundreds of upgrades on these models and have our own demonstration model 996 turbo with 550bhp. We have a variety of options available and these can be upgraded at different stages. Most popular is the Re-map and exhaust upgrade which gives a huge increase in performance.

  • Engine Managment Re-mapping
  • Performance Exhaust Systems inc 200 Cell CAT's
  • Sports Turbo Manifolds
  • Large Turbo conversions

For further information on your model please call us.

Independant Review

Super League 996T GT2

"The Power Delivery Is Smooth, Linear And Seemless"

"DMS Demolished The Standard 60mph In 7 Secs"

"For some people modifying your car is all about looks. For DMS Automotive, it's about producing high-quality, stealthy upgrades - as exemplified by these big power 911s."