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We are an internationally operating company with our headquarters and main research and development facilities situated in the uk.

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Established by software and microelectronics engineer Rob Young, the company’s half-million pound test centre features a state of the art four-wheel drive, load-controlled dynamometer, or rolling road. We also use all of the very latest diagnostics equipment from major manufacturers.

Having the latest in technology means we can create some of the most sought after upgrades for European cars. We offer our services throughout Europe and worldwide.

We have extensive practical experience working with some of the latest engine management systems, and we are ideally placed to offer our customers the best possible advice. By supplying the best upgrades at the right price we have developed an enviable reputation for having the best service and after sales support in the business.

Allowing DMS to release your engine’s natural potential couldn’t be simpler. Our software engineers spend months creating and refining new management programs for individual engines and models. We have packages to suit an incredible range of cars, from small turbodiesels to the latest supercars.

In most cases, development work on the software starts well before the first examples of a new model are delivered, so the extensive on-road testing program can begin as soon as the first cars arrive. Lucky buyers at the head of the queue for hot new models can often have their cars upgraded by DMS within a few weeks of the first deliveries.

Harding Performance have been supporting the DMS product throughout their experienced dealer network, for your closest DMS agent please use the Contact Us Page.